A Person with a high measure of Sensory Processing Sensitivity is considered to be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). Due to biological differences in their nervous system HSPs process sensory data more deeply and thoroughly than non-HSPs. 

Researcher Dr. Elaine Aron, author of the book Highly Sensitive Person, focuses on four main traits that are represented by the acronyms D.O.E.S.:

- Dept of processing: HSPs will process pieces of information deeper than others.

- Overstimulation: HSPs will think and process every detail, which most people never even notice. 

- Empathy: HSPs' brains react more to other's needs, feelings which make them not only understand the other person's emotions, but they also absorb and pick up those emotions.

- Sensitivity to Subtleties: HSPs will hear, smell and taste more than non-HSPs.     


Being an HSP can make you:

  - Easily overwhelmed

  - Easily distracted with even unnoticeable distractions (bed smell, noise or light).

  - Withdrawn after a busy day.

  - Overwhelmed by neon lights, loud sounds, crowded places like shopping malls or supermarkets.

As an HSP myself, I will accompany you to find out your abilities and discover the miracles that being an HSP brings to you.



Leaving your loved ones and familiarities behind and diving into a new environment can be overwhelming and challenging. These challenges could be in any area such as work, education, language, adapting to the society or simply feeling alone.

As an expat myself, I will guide and help you to go through those challenges in a less tiring and comfortable way. During our sessions, I will use NLP techniques that will meet your special needs and allow you to move forward!              



A healthy and happy mind will only be sustainable with a well-balanced lifestyle and a healthy body. But what about your soul and your life force energy? Reiki will nourish your energy field, activate your awareness and give you a clearer mind. This ancient Japanese technique, which is also known as energy healing, will trigger your natural healing system and give a stress relief to your body and mind.