What is NLP?

(Neuro-Linguistic Programming)


NLP was created by Dr. Richard Bandler and John Grinder in late 1970's. NLP can be defined as a technique that helps us to understand our thoughts, feelings and behaviors, how we can express ourselves verbally intentionally or unintentionally and how we can reprogram those thoughts and feelings and the way we express them in order to reach our desired outcomes and become more in control of our lives.    


Neuro means: how we take thorough our senses the information and create our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


Linguistic means: language. It is the tool we use to gain access to inner workings of the mind, make sense of the World and communicate with others.


Programming means: how we mentally perceive experiences. NLP re-model these experiences and organize internal programming so that you can get the desired outcome.


The NLP techniques help you to change your negative emotions, limiting behaviors and dysfunctional habits. Learning how to re-program your thoughts into a positive and healthier way, you can change everything which may hold you back to create new, powerful and happier life!